A small selection.

As musicians are notoriously cash-strapped, the following were all done on shoe-string budgets…


Minor Revelation

The Simon van Gend Band’s long awaited music video for the single “Minor Revelation”, from the album “Guest of my Feelings”.

Directed, filmed and edited by Terry, the video draws inspiration from the legendary film “The Pillow Book” and makes use of stop frame animation techniques, a bunch of hats, a dog, and was described by an imaginary fan as The best music video of the year!

“Minor Revelation” screened at the 2009 Design Indaba and was also selected for Short Cuts and Future Shorts (South Africa).


Ou Karoo

Luna Paige sings “Ou Karoo”. The music video highlights the beauty of the Karoo landscape, and could be the theme anthem for the “anti-fracking” movement in South Africa.

Directed, filmed and edited by Terry.