Letters from Teddy

Letters from Teddy



Letters from Teddy

72 minutes

(Screened at the Durban International Film Festiva 2010)

An intimate family portrait

“In those times, in that society, it was a scandal…”

Set against the backdrop of colonial society in Aden in the 1950s, the documentary explores the emotional repercussions of an ill-fated relationship between my grandfather, Teddy, the Chief Justice of Aden, and my grandmother, Sally – and its impact on their son (my father) Tony.

Through the dynamic use of 8mm family archive footage, letters between Teddy and Sally, as well as interviews with my father, Tony, I pieced together the sad story of my paternal grandparents.   At the heart of the tale is a vindictive colonial society in Aden which tore my father’s family apart.