Terry Westby-Nunn

A little skew

Filmmaker & Writer

A passion for the art of storytelling

through words and the moving image.

I write novels, the odd poem, short stories, articles, and essays. I’m currently a Mellon Foundation postdoctoral fellow in Creative Writing at Rhodes University in Makhanda-Grahamstown, South Africa.

I’m fond of caramelised onions, thinking about the world, and belly-laughs. I adore dark tales, the offbeat, and unlikeable protagonists.

As a seasoned television professional, I conceptualise, research, direct, edit, produce, and script.



The Sea of Wise Insects

My debut novel, The Sea of Wise Insects, won the 2012 University of Johannesburg Creative Writing Prize – debut category.


As with my video work, I’m a versatile writer. I script copy for clients, pen poems, and write odd novels.

For my PhD in Creative Writing I examined ecofeminism in South African speculative fiction.


Video Work

Letters from Teddy


Screened at the Durban International Film Festival.

An intimate family portrait.

“In those times, in that society, it was a scandal…”

The Electrician

Art short

Poem by Tania Haberland (van Schalkwyk).

Visuals and editing by Terry Westby-Nunn.

A collaboration between Tania and Terry.

Client work

Over the years I’ve worked on a range of television productions in various capacities.

I’ve directed and edited international TV shows.

Click below to see my client showreel.

My impartial handbag


My handbag is an open mouth
yawning, waiting to be fed with keys and money and lists,
the same things it spits out.
Sometimes it’s playful, burying my phone in a new crevice.
It talks – tells me to paint my nails, my lips, my face,
my personality.
I take it everywhere, this gobbling, nagging, heavy
much loved limb.
Header image: Pilar Castro/Flickr