Video art & music videos

A small selection of a few different film trips I’ve been on…

my garden.

Digging into a city garden… Ants, mushrooms and glass fragments abound.

The Electrician

Poem by Tania Haberland (van Schalkwyk)
Visuals and editing by Terry Westby-Nunn
A collaboration between Tania and Terry
Starring Tania van Schalkwyk as the Electrician
Sybrandus Adema (amazingly) plays the rest of the characters
Sound Design by Pete O’Donoghue

Ou Karoo music video

Luna Paige sings “Ou Karoo”. The music video highlights the beauty of the Karoo landscape, and could be the theme anthem for the “anti-fracking” movement in South Africa.

Directed, filmed and edited by Terry.